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      Elijah let out a small breath of air as he was yanked forward, feeling the breath against his neck. Smirking a little bit as he listened to the words, Elijah allowed his eyes to roll closed at the lips against his skin. The confession piqued Elijah’s interest as he lifted a hand and used a single finger to tilt NIklaus’ head to the side. “My, my, so toppy from the bottom,” he purred, pressing a nose against his brothers neck.

      Allowing his fangs to cross the threshold of skin, he nipped at it as he pressed his body closer to him. “And you are feeling generous tonight, brother. It has been quite a while for this kind of play,” he murmured before biting down against his shoulder, drinking a bit and pressing his hips against Niklaus’ as he drank.

     Niklaus was not one to relinquish control so easily, but with Elijah, he found himself wanting to have the other bring him down a little, make him beg and plead and scream…not that he would ever tell his brother that. He was fairly certain that Elijah already knew, but they both prided themselves on silent communication. Words were useless in times like these, but still Niklaus wanted to hear Elijah speaking to him like this for as long as he could.

     A sharp intake of breath leaves Niklaus at Elijah’s fangs breaking his skin and he tries to cover it with a growl in response to Elijah’s words. “I am feeling generous, luckily enough for you,” he says, nearly breathlessly. His hips press forward into Elijah’s own, hands gripping at Elijah’s shirt and eventually tearing it open, fingers digging into his brother’s back as the euphoric feeling of blood leaving his body and pouring into Elijah’s mouth completely takes over him.

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     Elijah had to admire the restraint Niklaus showed for as long as he did. And it was even more interesting that he was not heeding his own. Pulling the man closer, Elijah continued to feed until he could not anymore, pulling away with blood on his lips and cascading down his neck to disappear into his shirt, the man fell over limply onto the floor. Elijah considered Niklaus for the moment, smirking a bit at the brutality at which he fed from her.

       Foreplay indeed.

      A mess of human nectar, Elijah watched and waited, leaning a hand against the doorframe. Filled with more life and power than he could remember having in a long time, Elijah waited for Niklaus to finish.

     The blood spilling down his throat sparked life into Niklaus, the sustenance not only filling him more than needed but heating his body with more arousal as he watches Elijah. The moment his brother was finished, though, Klaus can’t help but drop the girl in his grip at the sight of Elijah.

     He stares, for a good long while, breaths heaving in his chest even though he didn’t need them. The sight of Elijah so bloody and unkempt has Niklaus stepping over both of the humans’ bodies, eyes still glowing. He fists a hand in Elijah’s now red stained shirt, jerking the other forward and trying his damnedest not to sink his fangs into Elijah’s neck as he drags his lips over the skin beneath them.

     ”If you don’t tear me open this bloody minute, I’m going to chain you to the balcony and leave you there until you beg me for release of any kind,” he pulls back, licking his lips and willing his fangs away as he stares at Elijah entirely too hungrily.

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     And Elijah was waiting, knowing very well that Niklaus would have his curiosity piqued by his words. With a smile, he reached out and took the young man’s hand to draw him forward. “You chose well,” he responded and brought the man in closer to him. The man was quite tall and Elijah had ideas. “On your knees now, pet,” he remarked, waving down with two fingers and the man settled upon his knees.

      Now, Elijah was able to execute his course of action.

      Sliding a finger against the man’s jaw, he turned his head up toward him to make him look into his own eyes. “This will hurt a lot,” he responded, letting a finger drag across his throat, digging in a nail to break the skin. Careful control peeled away as veins spread from under his eyes and fangs protruded. Elijah looked up at Niklaus and smirked just before burying those fangs into the man’s neck.

     Klaus’ eyes are glued to Elijah’s every move and the way his brother spoke to the man sent pinpricks of arousal through the hybrid’s body, but he tries his best to control himself, if only because Elijah would appreciate the effort.

     The moment the man’s blood hits the air, Klaus’ eyes flash yellow, but he wills away the dark veins in favor of watching Elijah’s own. The way his brother looked at him drove him completely insane with desire but again, Niklaus was controlling himself. Trying to. It was highly difficult, especially when he sees Elijah’s sharp fangs digging into the man’s neck.

     Niklaus curses under his breath at the sight, his mind going a bit hazy with arousal as his own fangs extend, eyes glowing and veins protruding beneath them.

     Fuck control, he thinks.

     Before he even realizes what he’s doing, his fangs are sinking into the woman’s neck brutally, growling, eyes still burning holes into Elijah’s head.

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     Of course it was stupid. It always was. Elijah smirked as Niklaus did this, stepping closer. “You are feeding from them, not having a menage,” he responded evenly and tapped his finger against Niklaus’ jaw before dragging it down his throat. Elijah watched his brother walk to the door. “Besides, this is shirtless weather, so I am told. You would look odd with a black shirt on anyway.”

     Good humor.

     “Bring them back alive. I want to make this a shared event.” Elijah was serious about this.

     Elijah’s comment has Klaus rolling his eyes, but he throws the shirt in his hand behind him anyway, if only to appease his brother. That last comment has his disdain turning to smugness quickly, and as soon as Klaus opens the door, he blurs away.

     He returns twenty minutes later with two humans — one male and one female — and he hasn’t fed from either one of them once, Elijah’s words still ringing in his head and sparking his curiosity.

     ”Take your pick, sweetheart,” he says, shoving the compelled humans forward and licking his lips as he eyes Elijah. “I’ll let you go first.”

You look like you could do with a drink. And we have a lot to discuss, so shall we…