Text: Draven.

  • Rave: Well we planned it.
  • Rave: We can do it sooner if you want to. Just it'd have to be done on this phone because I'm not getting my laptop until next week.
  • Klaus: I can wait until next week, hopefully. I would probably throw my phone across the compound because the quality isn't good enough to show me my daughter and little wolf.



        “Oh I know that darlin’,” Asher said with a smile. “I look like I did when I was sixteen darlin’. Two years before I froze. You gonna try to defile me you best get to it.”

     ”I may, I may not. I only said that I wanted to defile you — not that I would. You’re much too innocent this way, Asher, you look a little like Aiden, and I’d rather not think of my four year old son while fucking you.”

    Text: Draven.

  • Rave: It better be, I spent a lot of time in our bedsheets. Like majority of the time we were home and not doing anything.
  • Rave: Did Elijah not tell you?
  • Rave: We planned to video chat. Me, you, Elijah, and Hope. So you could see us. Pictures aren't enough all the time.
  • Klaus: No. He didn't.
  • Klaus: That sounds lovely. Does it have to be next week? Can we not do it sooner?

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i c u. always.


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