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     Elijah knew what game Niklaus was playing; challenging him, trying to garner the upper hand and trying to bait him. It would work, Elijah would give him what he wanted. Tightening the grip on his neck and the other went down to start stroking him, Elijah smirked at him before letting him go entirely. In a blur, Elijah had Niklaus facing the wall, his arm against he back of his neck as he pressed his entire body against his brothers.

     “Fear is not what I’m feeling,” he whispered against Niklaus’ ear, sliding a hand down the expanse of the other’s back. Fingers started to tease him, pushing in to the first knuckle as Elijah’s teeth grazed his jaw. More teasing, another finger. Elijah pulled Niklaus’ hip angled off the wall and took himself in hand. “Neither is mercy.”

      And after aligning himself, he pushed into his lover with one forceful shove, hand snaking around his neck to grab his throat again.

     Niklaus’ eyes finally close when Elijah’s grip tightens once more and there’s a hand on his length, stroking him. He lets out a breathy moan and rolls his hips forward into Elijah’s touch, fangs digging into his lip more, slicing it open only for it to heal moments later.

     He’s not even surprised when he’s suddenly facing the wall, and he even smirks a little as he hears Elijah’s words. The finger teasing him has him pushing back to get more, and when there’s one, two inside of him, Niklaus pushes back further and groans. He wants so much more and he’s impatient, even when Elijah pulls him from the wall. Niklaus bends forward, giving his brother better access as he parts his legs further.

     Niklaus hums in complete approval at the words in his ear and he only has a moment to still be impatient before Elijah is pushing into him, causing Niklaus to let out a strangled groan at the intrusion. He goes to groan again, but Elijah’s hand is on his throat once more and Niklaus lifts his head back to give Elijah more to grip.

     ”F-Fuck…” The hybrid chokes out, body adjusting quickly to Elijah’s length. He pushes his hips backward, urging his brother to move.

"Maybe they’re Ninja Turtles."


deanmeme - Favourite Episodes (1/6)

➥ Trial and Error // 8x14



i wrote a song about a tortilla

actually its more of a wrap

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I want a ship where they mean everything to each other, where there is no functioning without one another and their fights are loud an destructive but nothing can keep them apart. I want a ship where the love is a necessity.

sleepy hollow + tumblr text posts.


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